Services We Offer:

The International Preschool offers the following services for a wide range of age groups;

  • a) Full time, as in 24 hr, and part time child care services
  • b) Reading and writing readiness for nursery and preprimary children.
  • c) Weekend programs like ballet dancing, outdoor games; movies or just chilling.
  • d) Children's party venue.

Why Choose Us?

The following are some of the reasons why you will be satisfied with The international preschool and 24 hour child care center (TIP):

  • Accessibility. We are conveniently located at plot 88 in kamwokya next to Zinelos, offering convienience for drop in and pickups wether by public or private transportation.
  • Our wonder team of professionals, "mother-teachers" has an unquenchable passion for children and excellent customer service thus will always provide constant surport to this cause.
  • TIP offers a Nutritious menu for our children, blending local and exotic dishes prepared it in the simplest way to enable them enjoy it to the last bite.
  • Like a good dream come true, we are the first ever in Uganda to open our doors all 24hrs for more convienience to parents. We bear in mind that child minding is a permanent job so we become a willing partner to them whenever the need arises especially after 5 pm, on weekends, public holidays…
  • Our children to staff ratio is set to meet the individual needs of your child, i.e. Day care services, (Baby center 1:2, Play group 1:4), Nursery 1:6, Kindergarten 1:8, and preprimary1:10
  • Our premises are fitted with a state of the art security system and guards that monitor all our processes from arrival of children, to departure ensuring the safety of our children and staff.
  • All our premises are fire and lightening proof.
  • We have a school nurse on ground during the day for consultation in case of minor incidences.
  • TIP offers a very competitive school fees structure and bonuses for registered young learners.
  • 10. We are equipped with a wide range of indoor and outdoor toys and activities that will stimulate and challenge young ones to explore investigate and have fun while learning. Our gardens are very appealing to both young and adults so children will naturally feel very free to run around and enjoy.

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